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My highest joy is in experiencing who we truly are. Pointing at the perfection, lightness and complete relaxation. By being me I love to hold space for you to experience this.

I think you feel my energy in this website. For now I don’t feel called to capture myself in more words. Read below for some loving words of people I’ve shared myself with ♡

May I anchor what is already known inside
May I be unwavering in the knowing of Home
May I radiate light into this world
May I help you remember
~ Tamara ~


“Being with Tamara allows me completely be me. Her calm, loving and warm energy makes me feel at ease from the start. In the sessions lots of energy started flowing again, I felt deeply relaxed and calm”. – Maren, Liefde voor Jezelf

“Tamara makes me feel okay with everything in life. Her pureness, honesty and open-mindedness inspire me so much. In being with her I experience beautiful insights about the art of living”. – Walter, www.walterbarning.nl

“Tamara is pure magic, she has a great deal of knowledge about the human body (physically and energetically), and she knows just how to connect to your inner core. Her classes are amazing, you’ll feel energised all day long!” – Jessica

“Being with Tamara is incredibly nourishing. It feels like coming home, in my body and in my most authentic core. She holds the space for everything that is willing to come op, safe and strong. It is revitalizing to be with her, a little retreat for body, mind and soul.” – Karin, Sense of Spirit

“I experience being with Tamara as very calming. She is very grounded and is able to lovingly transfer what she feels is supportive. She is creative in finding ways to deepen the connection in every moment.” Paul 

Tamara is amazing! I experience her as powerful woman, in her strength and softness. She guided me in a breath session and she created a totally safe and loving atmosphere where I could really surrender to her guidance. She intuitively felt what was needed. Anna